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The Celtic Brotherhood

19th Century Historical Romances featuring hot, Celtic demi-gods with brains to match their brawn.

The Celtic Brotherhood is a St. Andrew's fraternity admitting only five members every four years, selecting from the most intelligent and ambitious students who must also possess each of the following traits: Celtic bloodline, an appreciation for golf, whisky and women ... in that order. The five charter members have vowed to support and assist each others' lifelong goals.

When one-by-one they lose the order of their priorities, their games suffer, their bonds shake, and their hearts become as hazarded as a golf ball in a sand trap.

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The five Charter members, graduating St. Andrews University in 1796, as they are in 1806 and beyond:


- Club founder, Graham Marcus Brazier, Earl of Aberhaven, born in Aberhavenshire, Scotland on April 28, 1778. Studied Architecture. Heartfelt desire and ultimate goal engraved on the Celtic Club's silver shaft in Scots Gaelic: Design and build a home to be proud of, that no man can take away


- Club co-founder, Rannoch MacQuaire, Laird of Dobhran Moor, born in the region of the Highland's Black Mountains on February 5, 1778. Studied Agriculture. Heartfelt desire and ultimate goal, also engraved in Scots Gaelic: To build a canal across the Highlands to better the lot of my fellow Scots, the inhabitants of Dobhran Moor.


- Member, Honorable Zacharias Thorn, son of a shipwright and twin brother to the 2nd Baron Thorn, born in Larne, Ireland on June 2, 1778 at twenty past three o'clock am (if the midwife's entry into his mother's diary is to be trusted). Studied Fine Arts. Heartfelt desire and ultimate goal engraved in Irish Gaelic: To live in peace, free from the obligations thrust upon others by those with the misfortune of being born into power. Since it is well-known that Zach's heartfelt desire is to be a Shipwright, the enscription seems odd. Only Zach's twin brother, Toby, seems to understand the meaning.


- Member, Honorable Tobias Thorn, 2nd Baron Thorn, born in Larne, Ireland on June 2, 1778 at three o'clock am (if the midwife's order of things can be trusted). Studied Divinity. Heartfelt desire and ultimate goal engraved in Irish Gaelic:  To answer God's call to serve Him and a community of believers, as clergyman. Given that Toby is a baron, his goal is a very tall order.


- Member, His Grace, Colton James Hayes, the Admiral Duke of St. James, born in the Isle of Man, the homeland of his Celtic mother, on November 1, 1778. Studied Astrological Navigation. Heartfelt desire and ultimate goal engraved in Manx Gaelic: To serve King and country, not just from a wooden seat in a hall filled with hot air, but from sea, in battle against all who oppose the righteous causes of Great Britain, and then to die a hero, a faithful husband, loving father, and worthy peer.

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