Catherine Scott

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CELTIC BLOOD WILL OUT (Book #1 - Graham's & Scotia's story)

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(Picture left: Haunting and beautiful Urquhart Castle along Loch Ness, inspiration for Brazier Castle. It is amazingly romantic.)

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SEDUCTION MAKES THE SCOT GROW FONDER (Book #2 - Rannoch's & Adina's story)

(Picture, left, looking across an herbal field toward the ancient walled city of Mdina, Malta, Adina's home. Of note, herbs of every kind grow wild all over Malta. You can reach out as you walk or ride along the road and pull fragrant thyme. As well, only small fruit trers grow there, such as olive and fig, nothing like a mighty oak. Sun-loving flowering plants also are abundant. Purple bougainvillea is native only to Malta. And it is said that Malta knows no snakes or venomous insects of any kind. Malta is both very exotic and comfortingly familiar due to previous years of British occupation.)

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IRISH ROGUES MAKE THE BEST ABDUCTORS (Book #3 - Zach's & Jillian's story)

(Picture, above: Bermuda's hidden coves, blue lagoons, tropical flowers and other amazing scenery are all accessible by foot. Additionally, Bermuda is rich in British colonial history, flora and fauna, and that's no more evident than at the Bermuda Botanical Gardens, where my mother, sister and I toured. It is in the Botanical Gardens that a gracious plantation manor still serves as a gathering place for State functions. The house is limestone, the trim Bermuda Cedar, from the porches, sweeping vistas of turquoise water and pink sand beaches. One of my favorite places in the world!) Read an excerpt

Following IRISH ROGUE are:


SIN GOETH BEFORE THE VICAR (Tobias's & Sylvanna's story)

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